The ABC’s of Crafting on a Budget – Letters A-E

I am so excited that today is the kick off for the ABC’s of Crafting on a Budget series!  This series is packed full of fugal crafting tips and fun crafts that I can’t wait to share with you.  You will want to check back often, since this post only includes letters A-E, and is part of a 5 day series.

Crafting with your kids does not have to be expensive.  Below you will find inspiring ideas that will help you stick to your crafting budget and your kids will be excited to explore new mediums.  Click on the red links to take you to the full posts and tutorials.

ABC's of Crafting on a Budget...Letters A-E (Day 1)

A is for…Art Supply Organization

Organizing your kids craft supplies does not need to be expensive.  These thrifty ideas will have you looking at your recycle bin in a new way and have your kids craft supplies organized in no time!

A is for...Art Supply Organization

  1. I love these simple Upcycled Crayon Containers ~ I bet you will never guess what she used to create them!
  2. Check out this simple Art Caddy ~ This site is packed full of ideas on how to get organized!
  3. This Magnetic Tray is so cute ~ The free business card magnets from pizza companies, plumbers etc. would work great as well, plus they are free.
  4. I love this recycled Tin-Can Caddy ~ Personalized your caddy by having your kids paint the tin cans before assembling.
  5. Recycled 10 Minute Marker Caddy ~ I love finding new uses for toilet paper rolls and shoe boxes!
  6. Over-the-door Shoe Organizer ~ Re-purpose your shoe organizer into cute craft storage.

Check out my Art Room Tips and Tricks Pinterest Board for more thrifty organizing ideas!

B is for…Boxes

I love working with cardboard.  My favorite part is that it is easy to find cardboard for free.  For smaller projects shoe boxes, cereal and food boxes work great.  If you are looking to create something on a larger scale, scour everywhere for moving boxes, furniture packaging, shipping boxes, or my favorite the large slip sheets Costco uses to separate their pallets.  Save toilet paper, paper towels and wrapping paper tubes, which are perfect for many crafts.

B is for...Boxes

  1. I love this adorable cardboard box carrier that was transformed into a simple Doll House.  It is a perfect doll house for taking in the car or on a sleepover to Grandma’s house.
  2. If your kids enjoy playing with Beyblades, then they will love creating this Cereal Box Beyblade Arena.  Create cardboard ramps, jumps and tracks to preform your Beyblade tricks.
  3. Cardboard is created in several layers that are sandwiched together.  By simply pealing back layers of your cardboard and painting, you can create a wonderful textured Recycled Cardboard Art.
  4. I love thess simple recycled oatmeal container Nature Cans.  They are perfect for your little one to fill with their latest treasure.
  5. Create your own adorable Puppet Theater and puppets straight from the recycle bin.
  6. I love this simple Portable Art Easel.  Your child will love taking their art outside, to the porch or wherever they find inspiration.

If you are looking for more cardboard box inspiration, then you will want to follow my Cardboard Creations Pinterest Board. 

C is for…Crafting in the Car

I have said it before, but I love long road trips with my family.  Instead of thinking of the trip ahead as ___ hours until we get there, think of it as ___ hours of captive family time.  We drive 21 hours to visit my family, and I can honestly say that I enjoy the drive!  However, it pays to be organized.  We love a number of different activities while on the road, and yes we even craft in the car.  It may sound crazy, but even when my kiddos were tiny I packed a bag of craft supplies.  Check out some of our favorite on the go crafts.

C is for...Crafting in the Car

  1. My kids love bringing a favorite stuffed animal on trips.  We create these special Recycled Animal Houses and they were a huge hit.  Not only does it give a nice home for their pet, but designing them in the car was a perfect way to occupy a few precious moments while we were on the road.
  2. Creating a Travel Time Line is a wonderful visual for the kids to see how far they have gone and how much of the trip is left.  I love how easy this was to create on the go.
  3. My kids love Finger Knitting.  It is the perfect portable craft since it is mess free and all you need is a ball of yarn.
  4. Why not decorate your windows with these simple Flower Sun-catchers.
  5. Road Trip Bingo is always a hit.  However, make the game a little more interesting by creating a set of I-spy binoculars.  They would be so easy to create in the car, although I would bring along colorful tape and markers to decorate them instead of paint.
  6. Bring a roll of Tin Foil on your next road trip, you will be amazed at how long it will keep them busy sculpting and creating.  If you are traveling with younger kids, hand them a sheet to see what they create.  If your kids are up for a bit of a challenge, turn it into a simple sculpting game.  Ask them to create something specific (an animal, a piece of jewelry, a silly hat, a recreation of their favorite toy, the possibilities are endless).  You may want to bring along tape as well.

D is for…Desk Drawer

You will be amazed with how many things can be created out of simple office supplies.  The possibilities are endless.  I would love to see my kids create open ended sculptures made from paper clips, rubber band’s, binder clips etc.  Someday right:)

D is for...Desk Drawer

  1. If your kids enjoy making paper air planes, then they will love taking their aviation skills to the next level with these simple Elastic Band Launchers.
  2. Use rubber bands to explore painting in a new way.  Create a wonderful Snap Painting with your kids.
  3. Let your kids explore new way to paint by creating your own Rubber Band Brushes.
  4. You may be amazed to see how simple Rubber Cement Resist Paintings are to create.
  5. I love this simple Paper Clip Necklace.  My girls would love to make one of these!
  6. Kids love playing with post-it notes.  Create a beautiful Post-it Note Window Display using colors and patterns.  This would work great for entertaining on kids in the car as well.
  7. Take a step back in time and create a Sharpie Tie Dye shirt with your kids.

More office supplies that are also fun for crafting, learning and playing…packing peanutscolored tape, dot stickers, overhead projector, and a scanner.  Think outside the box, and you will be surprised by how many things can be turned into a great craft activity for kids.

E is for…Experiments

OK so experiments are not technically crafts, but I couldn’t resist!  Kids love experimenting, trying new things and learning how things work.  Plus since these are all budget friendly experiments that use supplies that you already have on hand, I thought it would be OK to include them in my ABC series.

E is for...Experiments

  1. Bubbles are always a hit, but you can wow your kids even more by trying these amazing Rainbow Bubble Snakes.
  2. Your kids will be amazed by this simple Ivory Soap Experiment.  It will soon become the go-to “party trick” when guests come over:)
  3. Who knew you could trick your sense of smell.  Check out this simple Smell Erasing Experiment.
  4. Sound waves are fascinating, building your own Tin Can Howler and learn a little more about sound in the process.
  5. The Water Bottle Popper is a fun way to show kids about pressure.  They will be amazed at how high the cap will fly!
  6. Amaze your kids with this simple Color Changing Milk experiment.  This web site is packed full of amazing science experiments designed for kids.

Also be sure to check out this amazing list of experiments and follow my Science Pinterest board which is packed full of fun ideas.

Don’t forget that there are about 70 other creative KBN moms participating in this exciting series.  You can go here to find the entire list of all the blogs participating.

The ABC's of...

Make sure to check back every day this week, so you don’t miss any of the ABC series.

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