The ABC’s of Crafting on a Budget – Letters F-J

Crafting with kids does not have to be expensive.  If you are looking for thrifty tips for crafting with your kids, then you won’t want to miss this exciting series!  Find all the entire ABC’s of Crafting on a Budget posts here.  This post includes the Letters F-J

ABC's of Crafting on a Budget...Letters F-J (Day 2)

F is for…Fantastic Gifts

There’s nothing quite as thoughtful as receiving a homemade gift, especially one that was made by kids!  I think handmade gifts have the potential to be loved and cherished far longer than any store-bought present.  Check out this fun list of gift that are easy to create and will fit your budget.

F is for...Fantastic DIY Gifts

  1. Have fun creating simple a Snowmen in a Jar with your kids to give to young cousins or friends   Your kids will have fun gathering all the snowmen supplies and helping to make the salt dough.
  2. Make these easy DIY Dry Erase Tiles with your kids.  You could personalize the felt cover with jewels, buttons, or puffy paint.  Add a couple dry erase marker and it would make a perfect gift.  We used left over tiles from a recent remodel project which made this project nearly free.
  3. I love these personalized Toddler Board Books.  No need to purchase a new  board book since you will be covering it the book with pictures.  Thrifty tip:  You can find board books at thrift store and garage sales under a $1.00.
  4. I love these adorable DIY: Monogrammed Mugs.  Make a trip to the thrift store for your mugs and then have the kids personalize them.  We have made similar ones for the kids grandparents and the mugs are cherished.
  5. Check out these adorable DIY Shirts that were designed by kids.  This idea would work great for pillow, or tea towels as well.
  6. Simple DIY Birdseed Feeders are easy to make with your kids.  They are Eco-friendly, easy to make and inexpensive.

G is for…Grocery Store

The grocery store may not be your first stop for regular crafting materials, however it is packed full of great supplies.  Check out these fun ideas.

G is for...Grocery Store

  1. I love these simple Marshmallow Caterpillars.  This would be perfect for that package of hardened marshmellows in that back of your cupboard.  No need to throw them out, create an imaginative painting.
  2. Easter is the perfect time to try your hand at painting with Jelly beans.  Kids will love watching their sweet treats make beautiful pools of color on their paper.  You can paint with most any candy.  Left over Halloween candy would work great as well.
  3. I love this sweet little Dinosaur Pasta necklace.  You could switch out the Dinosaurs to any different shape of pasta.  You will be amazed with all the different noodle styles.  Also don’t forget to check out the Mac and Cheese isle for your kids favorite characters.
  4. Kids love to build and create.  Turn your architectural skill loose with these simple Marshmallow Toothpick Creations
  5. I love the interesting patterns of this simple Corn Cob Painting.  Kids will love getting messy while they explore this fun painting activity.
  6. If your kiddos enjoy squishing in the mud, then this is Spaghetti Worm Painting is perfect for them.  Don’t worry no actual worms were harmed in this art exploration:)

Also apples, potatoes, celery, okra, peppers, lotus root and many other fruits and veggies are great for stamping.

H is for…Homemade Art Recipes

This list of wonderful Art Recipes is the perfect frugal way to introduce your child to a number of new mediums at a fraction of the cost of retail.  I love the flexibility of creating your own art supplies.

H is for...Homemade Art Recipes

  1. Kids will be amazed with this simple Microwave Puffy Paint recipe.  It is like and art project and science experiment all rolled into one!
  2. This fun Fluffy Bathtub Paint is so fun to play with.  You can either pipe it onto the bathroom walls or use a paintbrush.  My favorite part is that while the kids think they are making a mess, they are actually cleaning your shower!
  3. This sparkly Raised Salt Painting is fun to create.  Kids will love watching the watercolor travel and spread along the salt.
  4. Kids love squishing and playing with glue.  Why not add a fun new twist to thier creations with this simple DIY Colored Glue recipe.
  5. With summer right around the corner, you will want to bookmark this easy Sidewalk Chalk Paint recipe.  It is the perfect way to add a little color to your sidewalk.
  6. Add a fun new twist to your painting experience by making this Sweetened Condensed Milk Paint recipe.  Kids will love painting with colorful sticky milk and the dried paintings look great!

Follow my handmade Art Recipes Pinterest Board for further thrifty Art recipe inspiration.

I is for…Inventions Box

Kids love to invent and create new things, so why not make them an inventions box just for them to build from!  My kids are always building things, and having a dedicated box for all those silly parts that are perfect for making robots, airplanes etc is a wonderful idea.

I is for...Inventions Box

  1. Be inspired by this simple Beautiful Junk post from Growing Great Kids.  Check out her kids creations box, where her kids find inspiration.
  2. I love this simple Junk Box. My favorite part is that she plays an audio book for her daughter while she creates.
  3. Pink and Green Mama have a fun box set aside for creating Robots.  I love that her kids are asking to add real circuit boards to the mix!
  4. Learning is not always about building and creating.  Give your kids a old computer, or electronic item to disassemble.  They will love having a Tech Take Apart Day.
  5. Check out this wonderful post on Why Tinkering is Important from the Tinkerlab.
  6. I love this Robots from Trash activity.  Your kids will too:)

What are your favorite trash/recycling supplies for creating?  Here are a few great items to get you started on creating your own inventions box:

Paper cups and plates, pie tins, cupcake liners, straws, foil, cotton balls, balloons, old CD’s, cereal boxes, plastic containers, tin cans, bottle tops, toilet and paper towel tubes, milk cartons, bubble wrap, egg cartons, yarn, gems, pom poms, clothespins, pumps from shampoo bottles, missing parts from games, wire, pipe cleaners …and anything else you can think of.  If you find something interesting that does not serve a purpose anymore, then throw it in the box!

J is for…Junk Drawer

We all have it…a drawer, box or pile that is tucked away (hopefully tucked out of site when guests come over).  Everything in the junk drawer is either too cute to throw way, or it “might” serve a purpose some day.  I am here to tell you, turn your junk drawer over to the kids.  Let them have fun creating something new and exciting out of all the bits and bobbles that you have been hanging on to!  Give your junk drawer a new life:)

J is for...Junk Drawer

  1. Check out these adorable Spare Parts Robot.  I especially adore the robots tummy!
  2. I love this interactive Magnetic Junk Pictures.  How great would they look on your fridge.
  3. We all have a few pieces of hardware floating around.  Give them to the kids for this simple Nuts and Bolts Play activity.
  4. This Junk Drawer Pumpkin Decorating activity would be perfect for next Halloween.
  5. Are your kids not into Robots, then check out these simple Junk Drawer Broaches.  They would be the perfect gift for someone special.
  6. If you are running low on junk, they you can always ask your friends to raid their stash.  These are super cute Junk Drawer Robots.

You can find more “Junk Drawer” creations on my Recycle Pinterest Board. 

Don’t forget that there are about 70 other creative KBN moms participating in this exciting series.  You can go here to find the entire list of all the blogs participating.


Make sure to check back every day this week, so you don’t miss any of the ABC series.

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