The ABC’s of Crafting on a Budget – Letters K-O

Welcome to Day 3 of the ABC’s of Crafting on a Budget series – Letter K-O.  If you are just joining us, you will want to catch up on the entire ABC’s of Crafting on a Budget posts here.

ABC's of Crafting on a Budget...Letters K-O (Day 3) K is for…Kitchen

Your kitchen is a great place to look for unique mediums for your kids to create with. Most all pre-made/boxed item comes packaged in something that is useful for creating.  Check out these fun ideas straight from the kitchen.

K is for...Kitchen

  1. I love how bright and colorful cupcake liners are.  Use them to create an adorable Cupcake Liner Fish.
  2. Paper bags are not just for lunches and puppets anymore.  I love this simple Paper Bag Bird.  It would would be the perfect centerpiece for an under the water themed party.
  3. I love these colorful and translucent Straw Sun-catchers.  They would look great hanging in a kitchen window.
  4. Kids love launching these Jumping Cups into the air ~ You could easily change out the rocket shape for a hopping bunny, leaping frog, or why not make a self portrait of you child that they can send shooting into the air.
  5. Your pie plates and muffin tins are perfect for creating simple monoprints.  Check out this adorable Pie Pan and Muffin Tin Printing activity.
  6. Create an affordable stained glass look with this simple Tinfoil and Sharpie Art.  This stained glass art work would be great as a grandparent gift.

L is for…Laundry Room

Those that know me well, know that I don’t enjoy spending time in my laundry room.  Try these creative crafts and ideas for making the laundry room more exciting.

L is for...Laundry

  1. Your kids will be amazed by this color dissaperaring act of Bleach and Sharpie Art.  Please be careful when working with the bleach and your little ones!
  2. Us an old sponge to build a simple indoor garden.  I love how easy these little Sponge Sprouts were to make.
  3. Create your own crystal ornaments and window hangers with this simple Borax Crystal craft.  Try creating simple seasonal shapes like snowflakes, chicks, shamrocks, hearts, icicles, gingerbread men or create letters.
  4. Try flying these Amazing Acrobat Clothes Pins down a simple zip line.
  5. Your kids will love creating simple works of art with Spray Starch and Kool-Aid
  6. Dig out your basket of mismatched socks and build adorable Sock Puppets.

M is for…Medicine Cabinet

Turn regular items from your bathroom into a creative experience for your kids.  I love that most of these items can be bought at the dolor store, making these ideas even cheaper.

M is for...Medicine Cabinet

  1. Turn your old and outdated bottles of nail polish over to your kids.  They will love exploring this fun Nail polish Art
  2. I love this simple Cotton Bud Art (Q-tips).  What a fun expensive way to create with your kids.  You could also explore painting with Q-tips.
  3. Check out this fun Exploding Art activity.  It is defiantly something that you will want to do outside.  You might be suprised by how it is created.
  4. I love these simple Cotton Ball Christmas Trees.  How adorable would a set of these be on your mantle.
  5. I love how simple and cute these Bandage Lightening bugs are.  You can also create wonderful get well cards with bandages.
  6. Shaving Cream can be a wonderful sensory experience for your kids.  I love that it not only is fun to play with, but it is great for cleaning tables and messy art trays.  By adding a little paint to the shaving cream, you can also create marbled paintings.

N is for…Nature

Mother Nature has an endless bounty of craft supplies, and the best part is everything is free. Another wonderful bonus is all the fresh air and exercise you will get while searching for your treasures.

N is for...Nature

  1. This idea is so brilliant for little ones who love to collect treasures.  These little Nature Bracelets would be perfect for your next walk or camping trip.
  2. I love this simple Leaf Printing activity.  THese little prints would look great hanging on your fridge.
  3. Check out these adorable Pine Cone Trees.  You could also switch out the pom poms for jewels, stickers or buttons.
  4. Your kids will love watching their crayons melt and drip as they create these fun Melted Crayon Rocks. The best part is that you can use broken crayons to decorate their rocks.
  5. Nothing in nature is quite as adorable as the simple acorn.  Really, what could be cuter…they wear hats:)  Not only are acorns perfect for crafting with, but they are free (what could be more frugal than that!)  Create pretty Acorn Jewelry with your kids.  They will love being able to wear their treasures as necklaces.  Add a simple flower and you have the perfect Acorn Pendant. 
  6. These little Owl Acorns make me smile.  I love that she used felt to create the faces and the tree branch.

Check out my Outdoor Play Pinterest Board for more crafts and ideas made from Mother Natures bounty.

O is for…Old Art Supplies

Bring new life to your tired art supplies with a these simple tricks.  I love being able to stretch my dollar even further by reusing my old art supplies in a new way.

O is for...Old Art Supplies

  1. Check out this fun way to use up dried out watercolor crayons.  I love how bright and colorful this Watercolor Crayon Shavings art is.
  2. Check out this creative Pencil Crayon Jewelry.  This would be a sweet gift for a little girl who loves to draw.
  3. Check out this fun new way to make a unique paint with your kids.  They will enjoy this this Pour Painting technique.  You can also use leftover house paint to make it even more affordable.
  4. Use your dried out markers to create Free Liquid Watercolor Paint.  Simple, easy and cheap!
  5. I love these Recycled Crayon Valentine’s.  What a great way to use up all those broken and “too small to color with” crayons
  6. I love this fun and frugal way to creating a Jump Rope.

Don’t forget that there are about 70 other creative KBN moms participating in this exciting series.  You can go here to find the entire list of all the blogs participating.

Make sure to check back every day this week, so you don’t miss any of the ABC series.


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