Cardboard Apple Trees

I enjoy going to the apple orchard and wandering through the rows of beautiful trees.  The orchard was our inspiration for this craft. I love working with cardboard.  Not only does it look great painted, but it’s free!  I love when we can reuse something that is intended for the trash or recycling and make it look great! Start with any piece of corrugated cardboard.  We used boxes that came in the mail, and cut the box flaps to the right size.  Next you will need to distress your cardboard.  My kids loved this step.  Peel off the top layer of cardboard to reveal the corrugated inside.  It can take some patience, but totally worth it.  Don’t worry about removing all the paper, this will create the texture and depth to your piece. When you are painting your piece, don’t worry about getting into each groove.  Messy/sloppy painting is best. Build your picture with more pieces of cardboard.  Use the same distressing treatment to each layer.  It can be hard for kids to cut cardboard, but if you remove the top layer of paper first it is much easier.  We just used regular scissors  and it worked great.   I love how they turned out and all the texture!  Once all the layers are dry, glue them together with a hot glue gun.  I have found this to be the best glue to use when working with cardboard, but it might be because I like the instant results.  Depending on your kids age, cold glue guns work great too.  Just be careful! These little pictures make me want to go pick apples!  Hopefully I can find an apple tree on a hill:) Are you looking for the perfect apple craft, recipe or activity?  This is the perfect spot to find it all.  Sit back and enjoy all the fun inspiration…all about apples!



Apple Stamping

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Dough Recipes

Letters and Numbers

Apple Recipes




Happy apple crafting!

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18 thoughts on “Cardboard Apple Trees

  1. LOVE your project and thanks for linking to me. Would love it if you’d share this on Craft Schooling Sunday, always looking for great bloggers like you to join us, and you’ll certainly get featured, as the party is a nice small size!

  2. I’m totally going to try this with my kids this week. I love how the finished masterpiece looks. Thanks for posting such great ideas . . . I just recently stumbled across your blog.

  3. I know just the right orchard to find an “apple tree on a hill!” I’ll have to tell you about it! I love all the ideas……and the newly “remodeled” blog!

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