Elastic-band Launchers

Paper Airplane Launcher

My kids spend LOTS of time creating things to launch; to be used as projectiles, or to fly.  This simple project was created while spending a fun weekend up at the cabin with friends.  It was fun to watch the progression of into a simple Paper Airplane Launcher.  All our little flying machines were launched from a simple elastic band stretched between the upturned legs of a dining chair.  Simple and easy is what we do best!

Paper Airplane Launcher

The first prototype was more about the creative look, than the distance it flew.  Although some of these creations turned out some pretty sweet acrobatic moves.

Paper Airplane Launcher

The kids started out by folding a piece of paper several times to create a thick “V”.  The “V” was then taped onto the back of  a creative glider.  Once everything was secure the “V” was placed over the elastic band, pulled taunt and then released.

Paper Airplane Launcher

It was fun to see what creation everyone came up with.  Some of these little fliers were great at doing crazy stunts, although most needed to be tweaked further to really merit any points!  The kids had so much fun drawing new designs and building off of each others successes.

Paper Airplane Launcher

This is the amazing line up of flying launchers.  My personal favorite was the rocket.  It made a few remarkable twists in the air.

Paper Airplane Launcher

Once the Dads got involved…well lets just say the designs moved past the simple folded “V” launcher and onto a fast flying paper clip.

The addition of the paper clip at the front of the plane really helped with the launching distance.  Simply fold the paper clip so that there is a hook at the end and tape to the front of your plane.

Paper Airplane Launcher

Make sure you have lots of space because these little plane really fly.

Paper Airplane Launcher

Now the kids were were shooting for distance!  We had a great afternoon of creating and playing.  I love that a simple rubber band and and upturned chair could evoke this much creativity!

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8 thoughts on “Elastic-band Launchers

  1. My son has been on a rubber band launching kick for the last week. He’s not very good at it though and gets a little frustrated. I was JUST telling him 20 minutes ago that we would figure out how to make some kind of launcher where he doesn’t have to hold the rubber band himself. THIS IS PERFECT!!! I’m so excited for him to try it!! THANK YOU for sharing all of your fun ideas and activities!!

  2. Hello my name is Jane and I live in Brazil. I loved this idea. I will do this with my children and my school. thank you

  3. This looks like so much fun! Where did you get an elastic band big enough to go around the chair legs? Is it one band or several fused together somehow?

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