Paper Plate Crafts for Little Hands

The Ultimate guide to A-Z of Paper Plate Crafts

It is amazing what you can create with a simple paper plate.  You won’t want to miss this amazing round up of creative ways to crafty with paper plates.  You kids will love learning how to create animals, masks, jewelry, games and so much more!

Over 65 Paper Plate Crafts for little hands

A is for…Apple Core and Apple Tree

B is for…Banjo, BeaverBoat and Bunny

Paper Plate Carrot ~ simple spring preschool craft

C is for…CarrotChickClock and Cow

D is for…Dinosaur and Donkey

Simple St Patrick's Day Craft ~ Paper Plate 4 Leaf Clover

E is for…Elephant and Eyeball Garland 

F is for…FishFlowersFour Leaf Clover, and Frog

G is for…Giraffe and Gorilla

H is for…Hedgehog and Hippo

Paper Plate Hedgehog carft

I is for…Ice Cream Cone

J is for…Jack-o-lantern, Jelly Fish and Jewelry 

K is for…Kite and Koala 

Paper Plate Ladybug ~ simple spring kids craft

L is for…LadybugLantern and Lion

M is for…MonsterMouse and Mummy

N is for…Nest

O is for…Octopus and Owl

Paper Plate Rainbow ~ Simple Preschool Spring Craft

P is for…PigPirate and Polar Bear

Q is for…Queen

R is for…RainbowRing Toss and Rocking Birdies

Shredded Paper snowman ~ simple recycled craft for kids

S is for…SharkSheepSnailSnowman and Starfish 

T is for…Tambourine, TigerTraffic lightsTurkey and Turtle

U is for…UFOUmbrella and Under the Sea

V is for…Venus Fly-Trap

Paper Plate Crafts ~ How to Make a Paper Plate Sheep

W is for…Walrus, Watermelon, WebWings and Wreath

X is for…X-ray

Y is for…Yak and Yo-Yo

Z is for…Zebra 

For more creative paper plate crafts, make sure to check out our Paper Plate Pinterest Board.

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