Shredded Paper Snowman

When I saw this little snowman from BabyCenter, I knew we had to make one.  Who knew that shredded paper could be so cute!  We added our own twist by creating the snowman shape with paper plates.  This little Shredded Paper Snowman is so easy to make, and your kids will love the process!

Shredded Paper snowman ~ simple recycled craft for kids

To make your own Shredded Paper Snowman, you will need:

  • 2 Paper Plates stapled together
  • Shredded Paper
  • Black Paper Circles for Eyes and Buttons
  • Orange Paper Triangle Nose
  • White Glue

Shredded Paper snowman ~ simple recycled craft for kids

I stapled 2 paper plates together into a simple snowman shape.  Next I encourage my little guy to squeeze glue all over his paper plates.  He couldn’t get enough of this, thankfully he has pretty good aim with the glue bottle:) Make sure to protect your table with paper.

Once the plates are nice an “gluey”, have them start pressing handfuls of shredded paper onto their plates.  You may end up with bits of paper everywhere, but it sweeps up really easy.

Shredded Paper snowman ~ simple recycled craft for kids

We found that we needed to add a 2nd layer of glue and more shredded paper on top of  the first layer.  I got no objection, just a look of pure joy that he got to squeeze more glue.  By adding the 2nd layer, it made the paper stick better and also gave our little snowman a little extra dimension.

Shredded Paper snowman ~ simple recycled craft for kids

This is the first time that we created anything from shredded paper.  It was so much fun, that we will have to find more ways to create with it.  Another wonderful free material to craft with!

Shredded Paper snowman ~ simple recycled craft for kids

“Paper Snowman” (which according to the creator is his proper name) turned out so adorable.  I especially love all the buttons:)  They ate lunch together, and I heard lots of funny comments about snowmen not liking strawberries just carrots.  I love kids:)

Shredded Paper snowman ~ simple recycled craft for kids

These little guys will probably continue dropping paper, but that’s OK.  I can just hear him saying “Look, my snowman is melting!” I think this is my favorite snowman craft that we have made so far!

What is your favorite way to build snowmen?  Outside in the snow, or cozy warm indoors?

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  2. LOVE this! I would love to include it in my 2013 Christmas
    Activity Advent Countdown. I would include your pic and a link to
    your page to get the directions. If you would prefer that I didn’t
    include your idea, please let me know. Thanks! Nicole

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