Shamrock Sprouts

How to Grow Sprouts on a Sponge

I found this great article on how to grow sprouts on a sponge.  We thought it would be fun to try making our own St. Patrick’s Day Chia Pets.  It was so simple, and my kids loved their little shamrock sprout sponges.

Shamrock Sprouts ~ how to grow Sprouts on a sponge.  Simple indoor garden

Shamrock Sprouts:

  • A household sponge (we choose green sponges)
  • Seed packet (we used lettuce, spinach, and broccoli seeds)
  • A water mister
  • Shallow plate

Shamrock Sprouts ~ how to grow Sprouts on a sponge.  Simple indoor garden

St Patrick’s Day Activity

Trace a shamrock shape onto the dry sponge with sharpie.  Cutting the sponge was a bit more difficult for the kids, but with perseverance they managed.  We found the sponges were easier to cut when wet.  Also, the kids used adult scissors because theirs were not sharp enough.

Shamrock Sprouts ~ how to grow Sprouts on a sponge.  Simple indoor garden

Soak the sponge once again, you want the sponge to be damp, but not dripping.  Scatter the seeds across the top of the sponge, gently poking the seeds into the holes.  We tried growing spinach, broccoli and lettuce seeds.  Place in a sunny window.  Keep the sponge moist by misting with water, don’t let the seeds dry out.  We found it helpful to turn a clear plastic container over the plate at night to keep the moisture in.  During the day the kids wanted to check on the progress, so we left the plastic off.  Mist often with a water sprayer.

Shamrock Sprouts ~ how to grow Sprouts on a sponge.  Simple indoor garden

Soon you should have your very own sprout garden.  I can’t wait for the snow to melt, but for now this little cheery garden will have to do.  The kids loved watching their sprouts, and they thought it was interesting that seeds could grew without soil.

Shamrock Sprouts ~ how to grow Sprouts on a sponge.  Simple indoor garden

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  18. These look really fun and exciting. We have cockatiels and the sprouts will provide great greens treats for fall and winter grown in our window sills. We started the recycled celery today. We are going to try sprinkling the sprouts seeds in sections of loofah sponges because then the birds can eat the sponges without risk. Thanks for the great ideas!

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