Credit Card Art

Process art using Credit cards

We have a number of plastic cards floating around our house.  My kids love collecting hotel key cards and used gift cards.  I was starting to weed through their growing collection, when I remembered one of my favorite painting assignments.  It was a creative painting project where we were encouraged to use common items to explore paint.  I’m sure you know where I am going with this…creating Credit Card Art.  I love the effect that the scraping creates and the layers of colors that can be achieved.

Painting with Credit Cards ~ beautiful process art

Painting Rainbows without Brushes

The kids were excited to begin and asked if they could paint with all the rainbow colors.  It’s almost Saint Patrick’s Day so the perfect time to paint rainbows.  The girls did voice their concern for the coveted plastic cards, and wanted to make sure that they would look clean and paint free when we were done.  After I assured them that no harm would come to the cards, they were ready to begin.  Who knew that plastic was so treasured!

Painting with Credit Cards ~ rainbow paint colors

Credit Card Painting Supplies:

  • Acrylic paint
  • Plastic Cards ~ old gift cards, hotel keys, store loyalty cards etc.  You could also use any straight edge, even cardboard works great.
  • primed cardboard or other painting surface

Painting with Credit Cards ~ beautiful process art

Painting with Credit Cards

The girls dipped their credit card in the paint and then proceeded to drag/scrape it across their paper.  The process is so simple, and the kids loved it.

Painting with Credit Cards ~ beautiful process art

I love how these turned out.   I’m sure that we will be revisiting this again soon if I’m allowed to borrow their plastic again!

Painting with Credit Cards ~ beautiful process art

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34 thoughts on “Credit Card Art

  1. Brilliant idea! I teach art to pre-schoolers during the summer and we are always exploring different things to use as our “brush.” Love this idea. So will my little artists! I am visiting via The Chocolate Muffin Tree.
    I also publish an online women’s magazine with my best friend called Mermaids of the Lake. Will go look for you on FB now.

  2. I love finding new ways to paint without using a brush. This is a great one and with the rainbow colors it’s so beautiful.

  3. Kids would love this one. I’ve never met a kid that doesn’t like to play with paint! How fun!

    Thanks for sharing at the For the Kids Friday Link Party! I look forward to having you back this Friday!

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  5. I’m writing an article about credit card crafts, and I’m hoping to get in touch with you re: permission to use one of your photos of your credit card art. I would credit your site, of course. Please let me know if this is possible! Thanks.

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    • I just used regular house wall primer because that it was we had on hand. It was Kilz brand. I am sure that any paint/primer would work since you just need to cover up the cereal box logos.

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  15. Did you get paint on the cards, like using them as a paintbrush, or did you plop the paint and just spread it with the cards?

  16. tried this today but it didn’t look as good. I think because I put blobs all at same time and I used a canvas. Tonight, in the playroom, I will do pain blobs one at a time so all colors dont blend to brown! cool idea!!

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  18. I tried this with a Special Needs class and it was a real hit! I gessoed heavy cardboard first and went around the group adding one color to their paper at a time so they could focus completely on each and the changes as they crossed. In a follow-up session we dipped plastic cups into darker acrylic paint and layed circles over the credit card art to give it a more rhythmic feel. Thanks for the great idea!!

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