Paper Mache Clay Snowmen

My kiddos just made the most adorable snowmen.  The process took a few days, but totally worth it!  Paper Mache Clay is so fun to work with.  It is like working with a paste clay.  It has a rustic texture and is so fun to play with!

We started with a base of bags, tape and tinfoil. Kaleb got creative on his baseball cap and used an egg carton.

To help the snowmen stand we used cereal box circle with the kiddos names and the year written on it.  The cardboard is covered with packing tape.

This is the first time that we made paper mache clay and I LOVE it!  It is so fun to work with, and easy to make.  I found the recipe on the Ultimate Paper Mache.  It is an amazing website with lots of helpful information on using this wonderful clay.   The ingredients are inexpensive and easy to find.  You will need:

Toilet paper Roll (Measure the wet paper pulp, and use 1 1/4 cups – some rolls contain more paper than needed) Regular angle soft toilet paper contains the right amount.

1 cup of Joint Compound

3/4 cup Elmer’s Glue

1/2 cup White Flour

Remove the cardboard tube from the toilet paper roll and soak the toilet paper in water.  Squish as much water out of the paper as possible.

I borrowed my hubbies drill and paddle mixer which worked great to mix everything, but a hand electric mixer will work too.  Mix for a couple minutes until everything is smooth.  Store the clay in an air tight container.  We did not use the linseed oil that the original recipe calls for and it worked great.

The kids had fun working with the clay.  The second layer seemed easier for the kids to apply.

I love all the cute details that each kiddos added.  Since the clay sticks well to itself they had no problem adding the buttons and eyes after everything dried.

Bree made the skinny snowman, Annika’s is in the middle and Kaleb created a wonderful baseball cap.  I love that each one is unique and has its own personality.  Note to self…take pictures while the sun is still up!

Annika wanted help to add this cute little flower to her snowman’s hat.  So cute!

I hope that building this cute little snowmen become a tradition.  I love love to have one from the kiddos every year as a cute little collection.

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