Counting Snowmen

We love building snowmen, although recently the weather has not been co-operating.  So instead we decided to build our own snowmen craft.  They turned out adorable and worked perfect as a simple counting snowmen activity.

Simple Counting Snowman Craft and Activity ~ Housing A Forest

 To make your own Counting Snowmen, you will need:

  • Egg Cartons
  • Toothpicks – for building the snowmen noses. Use an orange marker to color them.
  • Googly Eyes
  • Black Pompoms
  • White Glue
  • Foam Stickers – for the hats, scarves, and arms

Simple Counting Snowman Craft and Activity ~ Housing A Forest

Start by cutting apart your egg cartons into long strips.  These little guys look adorable as simple snowmen, but by creating a set of them you can make your own simple math activity.

Once you have each of your little snowmen cut out, paint them white.  We had so much fun putting our little snowmen together, I forgot to take pictures.  Sometimes it is wonderful to set aside the camera and just enjoy creating with the kids:)

Simple Counting Snowman Craft and Activity ~ Housing A Forest I added the numbers 1-6 onto a large sheet of paper.  I love being able to reinforce number recognition even when the kids don’t realize it.  Don’t they look adorable all lined up!

Simple Counting Snowman Craft and Activity ~ Housing A Forest The kids love playing games.  I was excited to turn this little craft into a fun learning game.  We took turns hiding the little snowmen all over the living room.  When the kids found a snowmen, they counted the number of “snowballs” it had and then placed it above the appropriate number.  The kids had so much fun searching for the little hiding snowmen.  They were really excited when they placed the snowmen above the right number.  Lots of cute cheers and encouragement for each other   I love being able to turn crafts into simple learning tools that kids enjoy.

Simple Counting Snowman Craft and Activity ~ Housing A Forest

I love that these little snowmen used up a bunch of supplies I had laying around the house and our recycle bin.  Egg cartons are such a great free crafting resource.  I would love to hear what you are creating from your egg cartons!

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15 thoughts on “Counting Snowmen

  1. I love this activity. My 3 year-old has been really into snowmen and we have done a few activities to make them. We will have to do this too. I always keep my egg cartons, so this will be perfect.

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