Easy Craft for kids ~ Wax Boats

Summer Crafts for kids ~ Wax Boats

Kids love designing and building boats.  It is one of those classic summer crafts for kids that spans so many ages.  The best part is…boats are easy to make, and can be created from pretty much anything.  A few of our favorite designs include an origami paper boat, boats built out of corks and the classic plastic container boat.  Today we are exploring a new material for us…Wax Boats.  Read on to find out where we scavenged our wax from.  You may be surprised to learn where it originated! Summer Crafts for Kids ~ DIY Wax Boats.

Have you guessed the source of our mysterious wax?

Here are a few hints to help your figure it out…

It can be purchased it in the refrigerator section of the grocery store.

It is normally something you discard.

The wax comes in a few colors, but red is the most common.

Any guesses?

Summer Crafts for Kids ~ DIY Wax Boats.

Thats right…Babybel Cheese!

Babybel Cheese is wrapped in a brightly colored wax coating.  My favorite part is pulling the little tail to open the wax and reveal the yummy cheese.  However, the wax is just too cool, and is begging to be played with.

If you have bought this type of cheese, you have probably realized that it makes the perfect sculpting material.

Summer Crafts for Kids ~ DIY Wax Boats.

Since I love recycling, up-cycling and all things free, this little discovery made me really happy.  Free, fun sculpting material…sign me up!

All you need to do is simply warm the wax in your hands and begin molding.

Summer Crafts for Kids ~ DIY Wax Boats.

Wax Boat Materials:

  • Wax ~ from Babybel Cheese
  • Toothpick ~ for the mast
  • Triangle of paper ~ for the sail
  • Water to sail your little boat ~ we used a shallow pan filled with water

Summer Crafts for Kids ~ DIY Wax Boats.

 The color is so inviting and begging to be made into something cool.

My kids love these little cheeses in their lunch box.  When they are done eating the yummy cheese, they have a fun sculpting medium to play with.  Don’t tell me when you were a kid, you never made cool creations from your wax covered cheese.

Summer Crafts for Kids ~ DIY Wax Boats. The kids have made a number of really cool things from this simple moldable wax.  However, these little boats are my favorite.  Simple, free and oh so cute!  Plus if you want to make a new design, just squish the wax and rebuild your boat. Summer Crafts for Kids ~ DIY Wax Boats.

The kids added a little tooth pick mast and a paper sail.

Quick, simple and so much fun!

The best part, is that the wax is water proof.  Making it perfect for a little friendly race in water!  Off to find a larger container for the kids simple boats.  Love it!

Summer Crafts for Kids ~ DIY Wax Boats. We chose to sail our little boats in a shallow pan of water.  However, they would work pretty much anywhere.

If you want to sail your little boat in a pond or a large area of water, make sure to add a little string.  This simple tip will save you lots of tears.  No more boats floating away.  Simple tug on the string to retrieve your boat.  Love it! Summer Crafts for Kids ~ DIY Wax Boats.

 Could these little boats be any easier?  Love it!

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6 thoughts on “Easy Craft for kids ~ Wax Boats

  1. Love your ideas especially since I work with young children and I am always on the lookout for simple fun crafts.

  2. I used to do this all the time when I was a kid, I’d save a bunch of it and make all kinds of things!

    My son is allergic to dairy and I only eat organic dairy in very limited amounts, so we can’t do this now. They have beeswax you can buy that is similar, it comes in lots of colors and is a lot of fun as well.

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