Helicopter Seed Dragonfly Craft

I am so excited to have Kimberly from Learn Create love guest posting on Housing A Forest today.  I adore her blog and I know you will too!  As you know we love creating with nature, and I immediately fell in love with Kimberly’s simple Helicopter Seed Dragonfly Craft.  Read on to find out how she created them.


Helicopter seed dragonflies are a classic craft with minimal material requirements. If you have a maple tree nearby, you should be able to find these seeds in abundance. They are bright green in the spring and summer, and turn brown a few days after they detach from the tree.


We always enjoyed throwing handfuls of them into the air and watching them spiral back to the ground. We also made lots of dragonflies with the seeds and twigs.


I did this craft with my daughter a few days ago and she really enjoyed it! She remembered the printable dragonfly craft we made a while back and was excited to do this one. We only made one since a storm was coming in (we do our crafts outside), but it turned out really cute! Instead of doing a plain stick with the seeds glued to it, we took it a step further and made our dragonfly more colorful.


Materials Needed (for each dragonfly) – 2 complete helicopter seeds, 1 twig, colorful string, paint, glue, and a paintbrush, fishing line (optional). Tiny googly eyes would be cute, too!

What to Do:

    • Paint your helicopter seeds. We used the end of the paintbrush to add little dots to our seeds. Set aside to dry.
    • While your helicopter seeds are drying, wrap your string around twig and secure the end by tucking it under a piece of the string that’s already wrapped. You can skip this step and paint the twig – that would be cute, too!
    • Once the seeds are dry, glue them on top of the twig.
    • If you have tiny googly eyes, glue them on now.
    • If you want to hang your dragonfly, tie a piece of fishing line (or other clear string) to it and hang it up. We will do that when we make more.
    • That’s it! This craft is so simple and fun – your little one will love it!

Kimberly ~ LearnCreateLove

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Thanks so much for sharing Kimberly.  I adore these little Dragonflies, and I know my kids will too.  What a great way to explore and create with nature.  We all love comments, so why not pop over and visit LearnCreateLove and tell her how much you enjoyed her post on Housing A Forest.

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