Fluffy Paper Plate Animals

Lady Bug, Flamingo and Chick ~ Fluffy Paper Plate Animals

We love simple animal crafts, especially when they are made using paper plates.  Remember our little fluffy paper plate pigs the kids made?  Totally adorable, and oh so puffy!  Love it.  Our little pigs inspired Marybeth and her adorable girls to make their own twist on our cotton ball pigs.  Love it!

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Straw Rockets

How to make Straw Rockets ~ Easy craft for kids

We love creative kids activities that are not only easy but fun.  My kids love blowing the papers off their straws when we eat out.  Anyone else do this?  That’s why were are so excited to have Leah from Family and Craft sharing how to make Straw Rockets.  Now the kids can blow straw rockets anytime they want.  Love it!   Read on for easy to follow  instructions.

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How to make a Barometer

Science for Kids ~ How to make a barometer

Did you know that you can make your own barometer using items from around your home?  I had no idea!  My kids love science experiments, so I can’t wait to try it! Today, Joanna from The Blue Barn here sharing her DIY barometer tips and tricks.  Until I read her post, I had no idea I could make one at home so easily.  Love it!  Read on for full instructions!

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