Fall leaf Craft for Kids

Paper Pulp Fall leaf Craft ~ Paint and Play

It is time for another Paint and Play Challenge alongside Mess for Less, Growing A Jeweled Rose and Blog Me Mom.   Thanksgiving is right around the corner so it seemed like perfect theme for this weeks challenge.  If your kids love sensory play, then they will love this simple Fall Leaf Craft for kids.  A simple invite to play and create.

Fall Leaf sensory play ~ Thanksgiving Craft for kids


Fall Leaf Craft:

  • Yellow, Orange and Red Paper Pulp
  • White glue ~ No need to measure, just mix in a dollop of glue to each color of wet paper pulp.
  • Leaf shaped cookie cutter
  • Cookie sheet or tray


Fall Leaf sensory play ~ Thanksgiving Craft for kids

I invited the kids to simply squish the wet paper pulp into the cookie cutter.  They loved the soft texture of the pulp.  Our simple Spider Sensory Play and Paper Pulp Trees were also a hit.  There is something so wonderful and inviting about the texture of paper pulp.

Fall Leaf sensory play ~ Thanksgiving Craft for kids

I am using the word paint very loosely (so that our project fits the Paint and Play challenge).  However, the colored paper pulp works just like a thick “paint”.  I love how beautiful the colors of pulp mixed and mingled together.

Fall Leaf sensory play ~ Thanksgiving Craft for kids

You can see the water squishing out from under the cookie cutter.  The more water that is squeezed out, the quicker your little fall leaf with dry.

Fall Leaf sensory play ~ Thanksgiving Craft for kids

The wet pulp easily holds its shape, however take care when lifting the cookie cutter so you don’t damage the tips of the leaf.  You can also gently lay a paper towel on top of the wet leaf and press lightly to remove a little more water.

Fall Leaf sensory play ~ Thanksgiving Craft for kidsI love how each of the paper pulp leaves turned out unique and beautiful.

Fall Leaf sensory play ~ Thanksgiving Craft for kids

This was such a simple project.  It took a little time to create the paper pulp, however the actual project only took a few moments.  It will take a few days for the leaves to dry completely.  They will look beautiful as part of our Thanksgiving table.

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6 thoughts on “Fall leaf Craft for Kids

  1. I also like the way the colors mushed together. I’ve never
    done anything with paper pulp, but I’m sure my kids would love to
    try – especially since it’s squishy and wet. LOL

  2. m primary school teacher, and never know before going through your link that we can use paper pulp for this activity which is very interesting not only for school children but also for my children too. so thanks

  3. These would look nice hanging in our playroom for our fall decorating. I guess I would put them out of sight so they could dry cause my tots can’t wait on anything.

  4. Making Paper Pulp …

    Have the kids sort paper scraps by colors into separate bowls and tear them into little pieces (we actually cheated and used the paper shredder). Since we were making fall leaves, we used yellow, orange and red paper.
    Pour boiling water over the shredded paper and let it sit for a few hours. This will help loosen the paper fibers and make it easier to blend it into pulp.
    Scoop small batches of softened paper and water mixture into a blender and pulse into a smooth pulp.
    Super easy!

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