Painting on Wet Glue

Sun-Catchers ~ painting on wet glue

Painting On Wet Glue ~ beautiful sun catcher

Paint and Play Challenge ~ Painting with Glue

We are back with another Paint and Play challenge with  Crystal from Growing a Jeweled Rose and Vicky from Mess for Less.  If this is your first time joining us,  the focus for our series is all about the process and encouraging our kids to get excited about creating art with fun and unique mediums!  Our challenge this week was to create art with Glue.  We wanted to make a set of sun catchers to brighten our widow, so we tried our hand at Painting on Wet Glue.

Painting On Wet Glue ~ beautiful sun catcher

I recently found these amazing Cosmic Sun-Catchers and I knew we had to try creating our own.  Secretly I really wanted to paint on glue myself, but shhhh don’t tell my kids:)  Plus this little art project involves the use of recycled materials and it only takes a few moments from start to finish (except for drying time).

Painting On Wet Glue ~ beautiful sun catcher

Since Babble Babble Do posted such an amazing tutorial, I am only just going to post the pictures of our process.  Make sure to hop on over to their blog to find the full instructions.

Painting On Wet Glue ~ beautiful sun catcher

The kids loves squishing the food coloring onto the set glue.  Such a simple exercise, but  wonderful for working those fine motor muscles.

Painting On Wet Glue ~ beautiful sun catcher

I think everyone’s favorite part including mine, was swirling the food coloring drops around in the white glue.  It was so fun to see the patterns emerge and watch the colors mix.

Painting On Wet Glue ~ beautiful sun catcher

I love how easy this activity was to set up.  We always have white glue and food coloring on hand, so no need to make a special trip to the store!  We will be revisiting this activity again soon!

Painting On Wet Glue ~ beautiful sun catcher

I was so excited to share these with you so they are still wet.  If you are wondering what our glue painting looks like hanging in a window with the sun streaming through, then hop over and check out these beautiful Cosmic Sun-Catchers.

Painting On Wet Glue ~ beautiful sun catcher

 I love finding new ways to paint, and this activity was oh so satisfying!


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Painting On Wet Glue ~ beautiful sun catcher

If you love process art like us, then check out my Painting Without Brushes Pinterest board.  It is packed full of fun ideas.

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15 thoughts on “Painting on Wet Glue

    • Was wondering if you leave the dried painting in the lid or take it out with a toothpick so the sun can really shine through ???

  1. These are so neat! I’m always trying to find projects for my 5 year old grandson (I’m raising him). He will love making these and giving out several as Christmas gifts to his aunts.

  2. We tried that project and although it is fun to do and looks like the pictures right after you are done, if you let it sit to dry, the colors slowly diffuse in the glue and mix into each other. So the final dried suncatcher looks more like blurred zones of colors mixed into each other than the beautiful design from the beginning. If there is a trick to avoid that problem, i would love to know about it!

  3. I was just curious… could I use glow in the dark paint instead of food coloring? That way it would light up at night and also during they day?

  4. I love this activity! I wanted to try it first before doing it with the kids. I loved how it turned out but for some reason all of the fine swirly colors bled and became more of a tye-dye effect. Did I do something wrong?

  5. This is a super cool technique, but my reason for commenting is to confess that at least half of the art project my kids do are a result of ME wanting to do them too! They love when I create as well, I don’t hover over them as much if I’m working on my own project, and I am more likely to actually get the good materials out if I’m excited about it too!

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