27 DIY Garden Markers

I am getting excited to get digging the my garden, however, my excitement is put on hold until the weather warms up.  I turned to my two BFF”S, Google and Pinterest to help curb my itch to dig in the dirt.  I was inspired by all the  fun plant markers floating around ,so I decided to do a round-up.  Hope you are inspired by these 27 DIY Garden Markers that can be made with materials you can find around your house and outside!  I know I am.

I love that all these little garden stakes could be made with the help from your kids.  It will get them excited about gardening and brighten your plot.  A win, win in my books.  Encourage your budding little green thumb to help learn to identify the plants you will soon be growing.

DIY Plant Markers that inspire:

27 DIY Garden Markers

  1. Wooden Garden Makers from Monkey Lobster
  2. Hanger Garden Markers from At the Picket Fence
  3. Aluminum Duct Tape Garden Markers from Aunt Peaches
  4. Canning Lid Garden Plant Markers from AN Portraits
  5. Mother’s Day Gift…Garden Markers from The Blue Basket
  6. Paint Stick Garden Stakes from Katy Harper
  7. DIY Shrinky Dink Garden Stakes from The American Homemaker
  8. Garden Rock Markers from A typical English Home
  9. Lettuce Make Garden Markers  from Michele Made Me

27 DIY Garden Markers

  1. Re-purposed Garden Stakes from Housing A Forest
  2. Flower Garden Stake from Mollie’s Mom
  3. Broken Pot Plant Markers from Hardly Housewives
  4. Brick Herb Markers from Simple Details
  5. Jewelry for Your Garden from In My Own Style
  6. Making Cute Garden Markers from The Magic Onions
  7. Our Veggie Garden Rock Markers from Lu Bird Baby
  8. DIY Chalkboard Plant Signs from Our Little Coop
  9. Scrap Wood Garden Signs from Kara’s Creative Place

27 DIY Garden Markers

  1. Dinosaur Plant Markers DIY from Punk Projects
  2. Garden Marker Craft Camp from Skip To My Lou
  3. Fuse Bead Plant Markers for the Garden from Apple Falls
  4. Plant Marker Craft from Food and Photography
  5. Plastic Knife Plant Markers from Apt Garden
  6. Painted Wooden Garden Signs from Not Just a Housewife
  7. Lettuce Make Garden Markers  from Michele Made Me
  8. Stick Seed Stakes from Homeroad
  9. Plastic Spoon Garden Markers from Sewing School

If you are looking for more garden inspiration for kids, check out my Gardening With Kids Pinterest board.  The board is packed full of ideas to get kids excited about digging in the dirt, learning, playing and experimenting all in the garden.

For more ways to encourage kids to garden, check out our:

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