Mothers Day Card

Simple Mothers Day Card for Kids

Like so many of you, I adore Pinterest.  I can easily get lost in all the beautiful pins.  Recently I have been really enjoying all the fun Mother’s Day ideas that are being pinned.  I love this simple Mothers Day Card with a WOW factor that has been floating around on Pinterest for a while.

Simple Mothers Day Card for kids

Today (while I was making supper) I left my computer open to a page of Mothers Day pins that included the adorable card (link above).  I could hear my kids of quiet whispers from the other room, but I didn’t think anything of it.  They are always full of silly secrets and my house seems to be full of more giggles recently than normal.  I think it’s the weather.  I could not believe what they were up to when I found them.  Can I just say I LOVE my kids, and my Mothers Day Card!

Simple Mothers Day Card for kids

I was so excited I didn’t notice the long faces for a moment.  They were a bit put out that I found their secret project.  I told them that if they let me take a few pictures I would forget I saw anything!  Ha!  Such is the life of a kid to a blogging mom:)

Simple Mothers Day Card for kids

I love that from a simple Pinterest image my 6 and 10 year old were able to figure out how the card was put together.  Proud Mama moment:)

The kids were excited to discover the simple “WOW MOM” message hidden in their card once it was opened.  I love that they had no idea that was what they were making.  It was like they were the first to discover it.  To cute!

Simple Mothers Day Card for kids

I asked if they had any tips for making their “WOW MOM” card, that they wanted me to share.  Here are what they thought was important to pass along if you are planning on making these adorable cards:

  • Choose your Mom’s favorite color of paper
  • Big bubble letters are hard, just keep trying!  (my favorite tip)
  • Don’t try this with DAD, it won’t work!  Ha!
  • That’s it.  Apparently they are not going to give you a step by step so make sure to stop by here for more instructions:)

Simple Mothers Day Card for kids

Have you walked in on your kids making you something special?  What was their reaction?

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