Yarn Pumpkins

Simple Halloween Craft ~ Yarn Pumpkins

Yarn Pumpkins ~ Simple Halloween Craft These little yarn pumpkins are super easy to make.  I first saw it on Oriental Trading company, but you should also check out these cute Tangled Pumpkins.

Materials to make yarn pumpkins:

  • Orange and green yarn (no need to cut it until you are finished creating your pumpkin)
  • White Glue (watered down slightly)
  •  Wax Paper
  • Pumpkin template (I just drew a simple pumpkin shape, nothing too fancy)
  • Black paper for creating the pumpkin face.

Place your pumpkin template under the wax paper.  You might want to tape the papers down to keep them from slipping around.  Pour the glue mixture into a shallow tray and you are ready to begin,

Roll your yarn around in the glue mixture until it’s fully covered.  Squeeze the excess glue off the yarn with your fingers.

Lay your yarn inside the pumpkin template until the template is filled.  The more the yarn curls and wiggles the better it looks.

Make a tangled stem with green yarn.  Add extra glue to where the two color meet.

Cut simple pumpkin shapes from black paper and squish into the wet glue.  Google eyes would also look cute!  Allow your pumpkin to dry for a couple of days.  You might have to peel the pumpkin off the wax paper and place face down to dry the back side of the pumpkin depending on how thick the glue is.

Yarn Pumpkins ~ Simple Halloween Craft

Hang your cute little yarn pumpkins in your window and enjoy!  I love how happy they make my kitchen feel.

Yarn Pumpkins ~ Simple Halloween Craft

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