36 Creative No-Carve Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is a fun Halloween tradition that my kids look forward to every year.  As soon as pumpkins are sold in stores the kids start asking what day we will be carving them.  Can you imagine the smelly mess that would happen if I let the kids carve their pumpkin the first part of October?  Gross!  Below you will find 36 no-carve pumpkins that you can enjoy with your kids. 36 No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas This year…

Skip the mess of carving altogether and embellish your pumpkin in a fun new way.


 Embellish your pumpkin with paint, sequence, googly eyes, ribbons etc and then carve the same pumpkin right before Halloween.  2 projects – one Pumpkin!  I love that.

So why not try one of these creative NO Carve alternatives.  No knives required!

Pumpkin Mummies from Hands On As We Grow   Check out these adorable mummies!  Simple and easy.

Puffy Paint Jack o’Lanterns from Train Up A Child  Use homemade puffy paint to create unique designs and faces!

Alphabet Pumpkins from The Imagination Tree  Decorate a pumpkin and play fun learning games!

Spider Pumpkin from Here Comes The Girls  Halloween Blog Hop at the bottom of the post!

Yarn Wrap Pumpkin from The Imagination Tree This is the perfect project to use up all your scraps of yarn and ribbons!

Coloring Pumpkins from In Lieu of Preschool  Cute way to create bright colorful pumpkins!

Pumpkins Decorated with Dot Stickers from Putti’s World  I love the colorful polka dots.

Play dough and Pumpkin Turkey from Craft to Art  Play dough is a wonderful addition to your pumpkin.

Five Fresh Fall Pumpkin Decorating Ideas from The Outlaw Mom Ribbons, rhinestones, paint, stickers and more.  So many great ideas!

Playing with pumpkins from Play Dr Mom Decorate your pumpkin with googly eyes or add Mr. Potato Head accessories!

Easy Way to Paint Pumpkins from In Lieu of Preschool  Great tutorial on how to paint pumpkins with kids.

Glitter and Glue Pumpkin from Domestic Goddesque  Glitter, jewels and more glitter glue make the perfect sparkly pumpkin!

Glowing Pumpkins from Steve Spangler Amazing!  A no-carve pumpkin that actually glows at night!

Indian corn Pumpkin decoration from Craft to Art  These little pumpkins would make the perfect Thanksgiving center piece.

Tiger Pumpkins and More from Blog Me Mom  Create adorable animal print pumpkins with your kids.

Perfectly Pumpkin Contest 2012 from Home Learning Journey  Little fingers will love adding stickers or felt to their pumpkin.  Huge list of links at the bottom of the post all about pumpkins!

Felt Pumpkin from See Vanessa Craft  Check out these adorable felt pumpkin faces.

Halloween Hammer and Nails Pumpkin from The Golden Gleam  Kids love to hammer, so why not give them a pumpkin and a few nails!

Pumpkin Drip Art from The Imagination Tree  These pumpkins are so adorable!  The sparkly paint is perfect.

Pumpkin Faces with Stickers from Putti’s World  Use stickers to make funny pumpkin faces with your kids

Pumpkin Decorating with Gel Window Stickers from Mama Pea Pod  I love this simple activity for your little one.

Halloween Pumpkin Craft from Blog Me Mom  Turn pumpkins into silly faces with the addition of a few simple items.

Pumpkin Masks from A Mom with a Lesson Plan Dress up your pumpkin with a fun paper mask!

Pumpkin Play-date from Coffee Cups and Crayons  Invite some friends over for an adorable pumpkin play-date

Chalkboard Pumpkins from Small and Friendly  Chalkboard paint is not just for flat surfaces anymore!

Sharpie Oranges from Critters and Crayons These would be adorable in your kids school lunch!

Math Based Turkey Craft from Blog Me Mom  Create a fun turkey out of a pumpkin and turn it into a math learning activity.

No-carve Pumpkin Decorating from Tinkerlab  Glue, buttons and feathers what more could a little one want?

Our First School Project from Mamas Like Me  Turn a pumpkin into your favorite book character.

Mummy Pumpkin from Mama Pea Pod  I love the addition of spiders.

Painting Pumpkins 3 Ways from Mess For Less  Use tape and stickers to keep some of the pumpkin paint free.

No carve: Drip Paint Pumpkin from Craft to Art I love the blue paint.

Rolling Pumpkin Paint Stamp from In Lieu of Preschool  This is not a “no carve” pumpkin but by far my favorite painting activity with pumpkins!  I had to include it in the list!

Painted Pumpkins from See Vanessa Craft  I love the argyle pumpkin

BOO Stacked Pumpkins from See Vanessa Craft Cute front porch decoration!

Silhouette Pumpkin Decorations from Celebrations All your need is a little black vinyl to create these fun silhouettes!

Which style of No-Carve pumpkin is your favorite?  There are so many creative ideas in this list.  I love them all!  Thanks to all my KBN friends for sharing your creative ideas!

Check out this fun list of fall ideas!

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    • I love that you guys glued feathers to your pumpkins! My girls love glitter and feathers, so I’m sure they will figure out a way to incorporate both into their design!

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