Sorting the Rainbow

Spring is almost here, which makes it the perfect time to build a rainbow.  This simple craft has me dreaming of jumping in puddles, seeing the first signs of green poke through the ground and the smell of rain.  Can you tell I am anxious for the snow to melt:)  Sorting the Rainbow may not bring spring on any faster, but looking at it brightens my day.  There is something about the bright colors of the rainbow that just make me smile.

Sorting the Rainbow

To set up the sorting the rainbow activity, you are going to need:

  • Contact paper
  • Paper with a large Rainbow drawn on it ~ I just drew mine by hand, but you could print one as well.
  • Assorted items all the colors of the rainbow.  We used Perler Beads, small pieces of yarn, squares of foam and paper.  You could also use button, feathers, pompoms, tissue paper, confetti, stickers…and anything else that is tiny and fits on your rainbow.

Sorting the Rainbow

Lay the paper rainbow outline on the table and set the contact paper on top with sticky side facing up.  Tape the contact paper to the table.

Sorting the Rainbow

Encourage your child to sort all the items and group them by color.  The more different shades, hues, shapes and textures you find, the more interesting your rainbow will be.   Once they have the items sorted, have them place the colored objects on the sticky contact paper.

Sorting the Rainbow

For us, this activity was about sorting and recognizing the colors of the rainbow.  I chose not to worry about the Red, Orange, Yellow, Green Blue, Indigo and Violet rainbow order.

Sorting the Rainbow I loved the look of concentration on the kids faces as they were sorting and organizing the colors.

After the kids were finished their rainbows, we placed another sheet of contact paper on top just to seal everything in.  These little rainbows would look great hanging on the fridge or in a window.

Sorting the Rainbow

As an added bonus, the kids colored the paper rainbow template.  2 crafts in one:)

If you are looking for more Rainbow crafts and activities, click on the red link.

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