Spring Cherry Tree

Spring Cherry Blossom Tree ~ Beautiful Kids Art

I love cherry trees and any tree that blossoms in the spring.  I can’t wait for our street to be lined with beautiful blossoms, but until then the kids made these beautiful Spring Cherry Tree Paintings.

Spring Cherry Blossom Tree ~ beautiful kids art

They were so easy to make, and I have to say the kids really enjoyed making them!

To make your own Cherry Blossom Tree, you will need:

  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolors, brush and container of water
  • Black acrylic paint thinned to a watery consistency
  • Eye dropper
  • Straw
  • Various shades of pink, purple and white acrylic paint.

Spring Cherry Tree

Tips for working with watercolors:

  • Start with a wet paper.  They can brush their paper with water, spray it or quickly run it under the tap.  Either technique works.  If you start with a wet paper, the colors will blend easier and go further.
  • Load the brush with water before dipping in the paint.
  • Keep a spray bottle handy for re-wetting the paper.
  • Have fun!

Spring Cherry Tree

Using different shades of green watercolors to create the grass and varying shades of blue for the sky.  Cover the entire background with color and set aside to dry.

Spring Cherry Tree

Water down the black paint so it has a more ink like consistency.  Using the eye dropper, add a small dab of paint to the paper and then gently blow it with the straw to create your tree and all the branches.  Add more paint as needed.  We tried it on a practice paper just to get the technique down.

The kids loved this part!  Blowing straight down makes a splatter of the paint.  If you angle your straw slightly and “chase” the paint up your page it will look more like a branch.
Spring Cherry Tree

Once they got the technique down, we moved onto their cherry tree.  We found that since we were working on watercolor paper, the paint absorbed into the paper quicker than on our practice sheet.  They had to work a little quicker to blow the paint into a tree.  Set aside to dry.Spring Cherry Blossom Tree ~ beautiful kids art

Squeeze the various shades of paint onto one pallet.  Encourage the kids to load their finger with a few different colors and then dab it onto the paper.  By using more than one color on their finger at a time you will create more realistic looking flowers.

We used a similar technique to create this simple Spring Tree.
Spring Cherry Blossom Tree ~ beautiful kids art

Continue dabbing flowers until your tree is covered.

I love how they turned out!  What a fun Mother’s Day gift.

Spring Cherry Blossom Tree ~ beautiful kids art

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Spring Tree

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10 thoughts on “Spring Cherry Tree

  1. They were the best Mother’s Day gift, so bright and cheery, helping keep my hopes up that spring is coming…..the snow is slowly melting.

  2. I love these! Our cherry tree has lost about half of its petals already…this would be a nice way to remember its blooms. I’m thinking about combining this with using our train painting technique for the trunks…I’ll let you know if the Little Engineer goes for it.

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  6. Which would look better, creating the branches and trunk by blowing the ink with a straw or using the water color brush? I want my cherry blossom painting to look more natural.

    • I love the look and process of blowing ink with a straw. The kids love trying this simple process as well. You could have them create a practice piece and see how that turns out. Have fun exploring a new painting technique

  7. I love how these turned out! We will be doing this when we do our tree theme. When I get my blog post up I will link back. Thanks for the idea!

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