Rainy Days, Clouds and Puddles

Spring is here and the perfect time to learn about clouds, rain and puddles.  There is nothing better that watching the expression of pure joy on your kids face as the jump in a puddle.  Your kids will love these fun activities all about Rainy Days, Clouds and Puddles.

Rainy Days, Clouds and Puddles

Observe and Imagine:

Observing is one of the best way kids learn, and we all know kids have the best imaginations.  Here are a few fun cloud games that your kids will love:

  • Find a grassy spot  to sit together and look for fun shapes in the clouds.  My kids love making up stories about the imaginary creatures they find.  It is a fun way to spend time together giggling and laughing.
  • “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs” is always a hit.  Ask your kids what they would wish for if it could rain anything from the sky.  This is a silly game, but great for lots of giggles.
  • Give the kids a blue paper with white and black paint squirted on it.  Head outside to observe the clouds and paint them.  Finger painting is always fun, but a brush is less messy.  Have them look closely at the clouds.  They might be surprised to find grey in the clouds on a sunny day, often we only think of grey stormy clouds.  Remind them that black and white mix together to create grey.
  • Of course there is always glue and cotton balls:)  While outside, have the kids observe the clouds and then recreate what they see with the cotton balls.  They may need to pull the cotton balls apart gently to get their cloud just right.


To create your own Soap Cloud, you will need:

  • Bar of Ivory soap ~ As far as I know, Ivory soap is the only bar that will work
  • Microwave
  • Plate to contain your soap cloud.

Ivory Soap Experiment

Place the bar of soap on a plate, place in the microwave and “cook” for 2 mins.  Your bar should begin exploding after 20 seconds.  For full instructions on how to do this experiment and why it works, check out our Ivory Soap Experiment post.  There is also a video showing a bar of soap exploding that your kids will love!  Our simple Fluffy Bath Tub Paint is a fun recipe that uses the soap cloud you just created.


Dig out the rubber boots, raincoats, umbrellas and stomp in a few puddles.   No matter where we are, my kids always seem to be able to find a puddle or two to jump in.

Puddle Jumping ~ Learning about weather


Talk to your kids about how the rain and melting snow will help to make the grass green and garden grow.

Puddles are a natural magnet for kids.  Try these other simple activities your kids will love:

  • Bring out the sidewalk chalk and draw in and around the puddles.  Chalk colors become twice a bright when wet.  Plus wet chalk is just fun to draw with it almost becomes a paint like consistency.  Yes you will go through the chalk quickly, but it is lots of fun!
  • Play follow the leader, yes you too.  The kids will be giggling as you splash, jump and twirl through the puddles with them.
  • Hold hands and simply jump in a shallow puddles together.  You will be both soaking wet when you are done, but it will produce the best smiles from your kids.
  • Set up a mud kitchen.  Your kids will love creating rain cakes and mud pies.  Find a few spring flowers to add to the mix and you will have the perfect dining experience.

Rainbows always come after the rain:

Have your tried any of the about rain activities before?  I would love to hear how you play in the rain with your kids!


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  1. We are just dying for rain here! The snow has gone, but we haven’t had a drop yet. We need it to clean and green everything up, and we definitely need to do some puddle-jumping! Love the idea of tying the Ivory Soap experiment in as a cloudy activity. That’s perfect!

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