Minute To Win It Family Night # 1

Don’t Blow the Joker ~ Minute to Win it Game

Our family loves playing games.  We played Minute to Win it with friends New Years Eve and the kiddos loved it!  Minute To Win It, is a NBC show where contestants participate in 60 second challenges that use common household objects.  We love free, fun family entertainment and this totally fits that category.  Today we enjoyed playing Don’t Blow the Joker.

Don’t Blow the Joker Supplies:

The set up was super simple, which is part of the reason that I love these games so much!  All you need is:

  • A glass bottle ~ we used an empty Starbucks coffee drink bottle
  • A deck of cards ~ including one joker
  • A Minute timer or stopwatch

To Play:

Simply set the deck of cards face down on the bottle with the joker being on the bottom of the pile face up.  The kids LOVED timing each person.  Before each contestant began the kids would say “_________ you have a minute to win it in 3, 2, 1 go” (just like on the game show)  Then start the timer.  The contestant will then gently blow the deck of cards and trying to keep the joker on top.  This task must be completed in under a minute.

I love the concentration on Annika’s face as she is timing me.  Don’t mess up Mommy!  Ha!

Annika was super excited to be the first one to complete this challenge!  Go Annika!  We all struck out on our first try except Annika.  After the first round, the kiddos wanted to keep playing until they got the joker to stay.  I love their persistence.  Eventually we all were able to complete the task in minute.  This was so fun and the kids can’t wait for the next Minute to Win It family night.

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3 thoughts on “Minute To Win It Family Night # 1

  1. I love the creativity you have in keeping your family together and having so much fun!! Our family travels quite a bit…wondering if you have anything entertaining for on-the-road. Thanks for sharing your pics and family adventures!!

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