Funny Bunny Faces Game

Easter is right around the corner, so I decided to create a fun bunny drawing game.  I was inspired by this game.  My kiddos love drawing, although I often hear “I don’t know how to draw a…”.  This silly game is designed to be fun and help kids realize that there is not just one way to draw bunnies.  All you need is the Funny Bunny Faces PDF, a dice, paper and a pencil.

Each player takes turns rolling the dice.  Start by rolling to decide which style of bunnies cheeks you will be drawing.  Once everyone has drawn their cheeks, roll again to decide which face, then nose etc until you have a complete silly bunny face.

The kids struggled a bit to visualize where all the bunnies noses, cheeks etc should be placed, but quickly got the hang of it.

Each bunny is a bit silly, but the kids giggled as their drawing came together.

Hope you enjoy this simple, silly bunny game.

Funny Bunny Game – PDF

Disclaimer:  I am super excited to have the Funny Bunny Faces Game printable available for your use.  If you would like to share, please share a link to my blog.  Please do not link directly to just the PDF files.  Please feel free to print the PDF file for your own personal use, but do not sell or host these files anywhere else.  Thanks and have fun playing Funny Bunny Faces!

I will be liking to these parties.

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16 thoughts on “Funny Bunny Faces Game

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  2. This is great fun, thank you :o) My eldest had great fun drawing bunnies, some of which we turned into easter cards. Am just printing out a couple more sheets to send to my nieces and nephews in with their cards as I’m sure they’ll love them too.

  3. We have great fun with this and its easy to take out and about. Do you know of any other templates to draw other things?

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    • Alana, you can just click on the red link and it will take you right to the PDF. If you are still having problems downloading it, send me an email (my email is at the bottom of the About Me page) and I would love to email it to you.

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