Frozen Yogurt Dots

My kids LOVE yogurt.  I was really excited when I came across this fun post on how to make your own frozen yogurt dots, similar to dippin’ dots only healthy.

Frozen Yogurt Drops


We used Greek yogurt, ours was the kind with the fruit on the bottom.  Spoon the yogurt in to a baggie or piping bag.  I find the easiest way to fill a piping bag is to shove the baggie into a glass and then fill it.  That way the baggie is stable and I have 2 hands free.  Once the baggie is filled, seal it and then snip a small hole in one corner.

Frozen Yogurt Drops

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and begin piping little dots.  This is the most time consuming part, but totally worth it.  Our frozen yogurt dots were a bit wonky because of helpers and the fruit pieces, but they tasted GREAT!

Frozen Yogurt Drops

 Once you have all your dots piped, move the cookie sheet to the freezer.  The yogurt dots freeze really quickly.  We made ours just before supper and then eat them as desert.  YUMMY!  These are a simple, frozen treat that was a HUGE hit with the kids.  I also love that they are super healthy, the only down side was they melted really quickly.  So be ready to eat these little frozen yogurt dots right out of the freezer.

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4 thoughts on “Frozen Yogurt Dots

  1. Hello from Greece!
    Lovely blog,lovely family and…yammy idea!I will definetely try this!A nice trick to make my son and daughter eat yogurt.

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  3. Wonderful idea! Letting the children help makes it more fun, and “wonky” dots just have more character :) We will be doing this very soon.

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