Volcano Easter Egg Experiment

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas ~ Volcano Egg Dyeing

Late one night (I think my best ideas come after midnight), I was trying to figure out what to do with our left over egg dye.  They looked so pretty lined up in mason jars, and I could not just throw them out.  Since my kids LOVE science experiments and decorating eggs, I decided to combine the 2.  Volcano Easter Eggs were a huge hit and one of my best Easter egg decorating ideas yet!

Volcano Egg Dyeing ~ Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Take egg dyeing to the next level and turn it into a science experiment!

Volcano Egg Dyeing ~ Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Volcano Egg Dyeing Instructions:

Mix a ratio of about 2 T of baking soda to every 1 T of egg dye.  Stir to form a wet paste.  If the color does not seem bright enough add a few drops of food coloring.

Most egg dye uses a few tablespoons of vinegar.  So there will be a small reaction when the dye was added to the baking soda.  Don’t worry, it won’t effect the experiment!

You could try food coloring instead of egg dye, but that would defeat the purpose of using up my leftover egg dye;)

Volcano Egg Dyeing ~ Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Since I knew this experiment had the potential to be crazy messy we took it outside to the patio.  We used paint brushes to paint the thick paste onto our eggs.  Yep, this was just as much fun for the adults as it was for the kids!

Volcano Egg Dyeing ~ Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

The thicker the paste that was painted onto the egg, the better the reaction.

Volcano Egg Dyeing ~ Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

The kids could not wait to drop our baking soda covered eggs into vinegar.  The kids have played with baking soda and vinegar before and always love to watch the fizzy reaction.  They were really excited to see how it would help to color their eggs.

Volcano Egg Dyeing ~ Easter Egg Decorating Ideas I love these excited little faces!  Oh to have the simple joy of kids!

Volcano Egg Dyeing ~ Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Volcano Egg Dyeing ~ Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Check out how beautiful this egg turned out, it almost looks tie dyed.

Volcano Egg Dyeing ~ Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Everyone LOVED the whole process of coloring these little Volcano Easter eggs.  This might not be as relaxing as painting eggs the traditional way, but it was tons of fun.  Since we were outside, there was very little mess to clean up!  This is defiantly something that we will be repeating again next year.  I hope your family enjoys this little experiment as much as we did.  Happy Easter!

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Volcano Egg Dyeing 

Here is a link to a fun list of great experiments that my kids love.

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19 thoughts on “Volcano Easter Egg Experiment

  1. ooo!! what a great idea! i LOVE the looks on their faces- hands in the air & all! crack. me. up. i love how you take pictures that actually capture the perfect moment- i am terrible at that. even with just that one picture of all their faces at it bubbles- that would be all you need to have a prefect remembrance of the activity.

    p.s. i love that you comment on my blog. SOMEONE reads it! :) much love, linds
    p.p.s. we are always trying to figure out a way to come up north and visit people- i would love to meet more people who knew brad with hair ;) i know there are a lot of stories out there i haven’t heard!! someday…

  2. I may have written a comment similar to this before, but I’ll say it again. You are such an amazing mother. If only more moms were as involved and dedicated as you are. Keep it up!!

  3. oh man, remember that one time when i am a stranger who follows your blog bc you have amazing ideas and then i got it confused on my reader with my OTHER friend who has a very similar blog & made a comment that is TOTALLy not for you? hahaha!

  4. How long did you leave the paste on the eggs before putting them in the vinegar? And did you leave them in the vinegar just until the bubbling dissipated?

      • Can you reuse the same cup of vinegar for every egg or do you need a separate cup of vinegar for each egg to get the volcano reaction?

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  6. This looks like so much fun! Thinking this would be fabulous to do with the whole second grade! I can’t believe you let your daughter wear a white sweater while doing this.

    • It was one of the egg dyeing kits, where the dye comes in pellet. I can’t remember the brand. Although I am sure that any egg dye or food coloring would work.

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    • Love! This is one we have done a few years now too and it is a total keeper. I just recently had an Easter party and there was a line up to dye their eggs this way. Science always makes it more fun:)

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