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Guest Post Submission Guidelines.

I love getting to know other bloggers and can’t wait to see your submission.  Housing a Forest is a growing community and I am always looking for new ideas about crafts, play, learning activities and kid focused fun.  I look forward to reading your submission.

Here are a few guidelines that will help make your submission process go smoothly.

What type of content is a good fit for Housing A Forest?

  • Original content that has not previously appeared on your blog, or another site.  (Submissions with links to sponsoring companies will not be accepted.)
  • Articles must include “Kid friendly” fun that focuses on children ages 2-12.
  • Topics to consider are: Process-based art; craft tutorials; learning activities; science experiments; DIY toys/games or your creative space.

How do I submit my idea?

Email your submission (including the following) to with “Guest Post” in the subject line.  I’ll review your proposal and let you know if it is a good fit for Housing A Forest:

Your email should include

  • Your name and link to your blog
  • Your complete post (in HTML form): should be approximately 300-500 words.
  • 3 – 5 high quality photos (minimum) that are your own (you must use photos that YOU have taken; no stock photos will be permitted).  Photos should be sized to 614×409 horizontally or 409×614 vertically.
  • A short bio about yourself and your blog (about 2 sentences).  You may also include a small photo of yourself (150px by 150px).
  • Copy the HTML of your completed post and email it to

What is the next step?

  • I will notify you if your guest post was approved and when your article is scheduled to be published.
  • I’ll add a short introduction to the beginning of the post about you and your blog.
  • I will also include up to 3 links at the bottom of your post featuring some of my favorite activities, crafts etc on your site (you are welcome to suggest posts that you want promoted here).
  • The bio you wrote will be included at the end of your post (you can also add in a link to your blog, or where people can find you i.e. Facebook, Pinterest)
  • Your post and blog will be promoted through my social networking channels (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram)
  • After your article has been published on Housing A Forest for 30 days, you are welcome to re-post it on your own blog.  However, please re-word the post, title and link back to the original post that was shared on

I look forward to connecting with you!



2 thoughts on “Guest Post

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  2. About the Barbie dolls hair if you put a little fabric softener it will act like conditioner and detangler I learned this in beauty schools that is how they wash the practice doll’s hair. It works great.

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