Pompom Wrapping Paper

Have you seen the new Handpainted pompom wrapping paper from Anthropologie?  It is so adorable!  Although being a frugal mom, there was no way I could justify spending more on wrapping paper than the gift that the paper was hiding!  So me and my daughter grabbed our glue gun and created our own Pompom Wrapping Paper.  I must say it is equally adorable at a tenth the cost!

Anthropologie inspired Pompom Wrapping Paper

To make your own Anthropologie inspired pompom wrapping paper, you will need:

  • A roll of newsprint – or other neutral colored wrapping paper.  I have mentioned before that we love our roll of newsprint.  It costed us around $5 for a large roll.  We purchased ours from our local newspaper printing company about 7 years ago.  It gets used all the time and it still has tons of paper on it.
  • Small red pompoms – or any color you like
  • Hot glue gun
  • Natural twine – or yarn would work great as well
  • Plus all the regular gift wrapping items like tape and scissors

Anthropologie inspired Pompom Wrapping Paper

Cut a sheet of your newsprint larger than you would normally use.  Then crumple it into a ball.  Take care so it does not tear.  You can open the paper up and then crumple it again until you have the desired look.  Once you have it looking the way you like, wrap your gift like you would normally.  I love the texture that the crumpled paper adds.  Your kids will love crumpling up the paper for you!  Finally gift wrapping that boys will want to join in on:)

Anthropologie inspired Pompom Wrapping Paper  Once your gift is wrapped, tie your twine around it.  We created a little flower bow on the top of ours.

Anthropologie inspired Pompom Wrapping Paper

Take care when your little ones are using a hot glue gun!  We have a special gun that runs at a lower temperature, but they can still get burned.  My kids have been using the glue gun for a while now and they love it!  It might not be considered a normal kid crafting item, but with proper guidance kids love using “real” craft supplies.

Simple glue the pompoms all over your wrapping paper in a random pattern.  There is no need to cover the bottom since no one will be looking at the bottom of your present:)  That will also cut down on the number of pompoms needed to cover your paper.  You will want to make sure you glue pompoms onto the side of your gift though.

Anthropologie inspired Pompom Wrapping Paper

I love how this little gift turned out, and Bree was really proud of her creation as well.  I love the 3D polka dot feel!

If you are looking for more gift wrapping inspiration check out what else we have created here.

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