Mirror Symmetry Drawing

My kiddos love finding new ways to draw, especially when it involves a “trick.”  While we were in the car on our road trip, I remembered playing with mirrors in elementary math class.  It is a simple trick, but it is a great way to teach your kiddos about symmetry.  All you need is a small mirror, paper and a marker.  Perfect for playing in the tight quarters of your car.

Draw a line down the center of the paper, this will become your line of symmetry.  Draw a simple image on one half of the paper.  If your kiddo is right handed draw the image on the left hand side of the line.  If they are left handed, draw on the right hand side of the line.

Have your kiddo complete the symmetrical drawing.  Place the mirror on the line with the mirror side facing the image.  This is where the “trick” happens.  Look down the mirror and the image will magically appear on the clean side of the paper.  Simply trace the reflection onto the paper.  The kiddos LOVED this trick.

I love the results, so simple and fun.  We had a pile of these fun pictures before the kiddos tired and moved onto something new.

There are also a number of websites that offer free worksheets to teach symmetry.  These are ready made and all set for your kiddo to draw the mirror image.

If you are looking for more road trip ideas, follow the link to a fun list of things we like to do.

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10 thoughts on “Mirror Symmetry Drawing

  1. I came across several of your blog posts on ideas for fun with kids. You’re very creative! If you get a chance, link up to our Summer Fun Link Up party starting tonight 9:01 PST or tomorrow Friday(EST).


  2. I love this idea. I have a boy who LOVES symmetry. All of his Lego creations have to be symmetrical LOL. We did this “monster drawing” –http://mobmom.wordpress.com/2011/03/01/mirror-imaging-monsters/ — with symmetry last year but I’ll have to try yours this year. Thanks!


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