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Easy Finger Knitting Ideas for Kids

The girls are still enjoying making things from their finger knitting.  Although, now that summer is in full swing the piles of finger knitted “snakes” have slowed down.  They have enjoyed teaching a few of their friends how to knit as well.  Love it.  They are now on a mission to find fun yarn at garage sales.

Headband ~ Finger Knitting Project

The girls wanted to turn their piles of knitting into something that they could wear.  This cute little headband turned out so great, now all it needs is a chunky button to the center.  They were so excited to wear a headband they created!  Plus it was so simple to make.

Headband Instructions:

  • Use 1 length of finger knitting that is long enough to be loosely wrapped around the head twice.  You will want it loose so that you have a little room to tie the ends together.  (Sorry for the lack of exact measurements, but each head will be different.)
  • Since the weave of the knitting is very stretchy, make sure when you tie the ends together, it is smaller than your head.  You don’t want it slipping off.

How to make a Finger Knitted Flower:

  • The flower was created by using another length of finger knitting.  We chose to use the same color of yarn, but it would be cute in a contrasting color.
  • Simply form tiny loops with the finger knitting to make the petals.
  • Continue working around in a circle until the flower is filled with loopy pedals.
  • Use a length of yarn to wrap around the center of the flower and tie to secure.
  • The tail of the knitting can be used to tie the flower to the head band.  A simple knot will work.

Finger Knitted Necklace:

  • The necklace was created using the same techniques as the headband.
  •  Use 1 length of finger knitting that is long enough to be loosely wrapped around the neck twice.  We chose to have one loop longer than the other.
  • Tie the ends together.
  • Tie on a contrasting flower and your all set!

I love how they turned out and the girls are so proud of their handiwork.

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  3. Love these!! How did you do the loops on the flower? I’m trying to teach this craft to my daughter and some of her friends in a week and I’d love more details. Thanks!!

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