Tape Measure Age Predictor

Today I found my husband and the kids all huddled on the floor looking at a tape measure.  Wondering what they were up to, I joined the circle.  The kids quickly explained that Dad was teaching them a magic trick with the tape measure and that they could tell me how old I was.  OK I’m game!

Here is how the trick works.  Pull out the tape measure and fold in half so that the metal end of the tape measure is lined up to the current year.  Your tape measure should be doubled back on itself.  Since it is 2011, you need to line up the end of the tape with 111.

Next, find the year you were born.  The corresponding number on the opposite side of the tape measure is how old you will be on your birthday this year. For example if you were born in 1992 you will be 19 this year.

It is a bit confusing for the kids born in 2000 or later.  For example, Kaleb was born in 2002, so this year he will be 9.  The tape reads that it is 102, the only numbers that you will be using is the “02” not the 1.

I’m glad I stumbled upon this sweet teaching moment between Chuck and the kiddos.  It is something that I often take for granted, since Chuck is so good with the kids.  There is just something about a Dad on the floor playing and teaching kids that is really special.  Love it!  This trick was something that Chuck learned as a little boy, and he was excited to pass it on to our kids.  I’m sure all our unsuspecting friends will love sharing their age with our kids;)


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