Stamping with foam

After reading That Artist Woman’s post about Stamping With Foam, we decided to give it a try.  We have stamped with foam stickers, but I love the idea of using the foam to create your own design.  She has an excellent tutorial on what she did.  We made a few changes just because of the supplies we had on hand.

To make your Foam Stamps, you will need:

  • Craft foam sheets
  • Milk jug or bottle top lids
  • Scissors
  • Pen ~ to make the impression in the foam
  • Paint
  • paper

We pushed the milk lid directly into the foam so the girls had a guide to cut out the right size of stamp.  I was surprised how easily the foam took the imprint.

The girls loved designing their stamps.  They found it easiest to draw the design with a pen and then cut out the circle to fit on the recycled lid.    They went over the lines a few times with the pen to get a deep impression, just to be safe.

After the girls drew their design, they cut the foam to fit the back side of the milk lid and taped it on.  We put arrows on the inside of the lid to show which way was the top of their design.  If you are looking to save your stamps, you may want to use glue instead of tape.

Using our homemade stamp pad, the girls chose a few colors of acrylic paints.  We use our stamp pad quite often.  I love that you don’t have a stack of store bought stamp pads to store, plus depending on the paint you choose it is fully washable.

I love the negative image the stamp creates.  The cards that the girls made turned out so cute!

We love stamping, here is a few of the stamping projects that we enjoyed.  (just click on the red link)

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