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Fun Art for Kids

Who does not love the psychedelic patterns that spin art creates.  Plus spin art machines are really easy to find at thrift stores, we actually just bought a second one today for $1.99.  I love that!  The kids are often found cuddled on the kitchen floor over the spin art machine creating wonderful patterns.  It is mesmerizing to watch and each one turns out differently.

This weekend was Annika’s art party and one of the stations that she asked for was spin art.  This is a really easy station to do in a large group.  This time we used tempera paint that was spooned directly onto the spinning machine.  However, squeeze bottles filled with paint is sometimes easier for little hands.  The kids loved watching the colors swirl.  You can also use a salad spinner, but in my experience they usually cost the same at thrift stores.  Even my 2 year old daycare kiddos can operate the spin art machine with very little help.  I love that.

Fun ways to use the Spin Art Machine

There are so many fun ways to use the spin art machine.  We have used all different paints including craft acrylics, house paint water colors and tempera paint.  They all work great.  We have also used markers, glitter, and glitter glue all with fantastic results.  Since it is so quick and easy the stacks of wonderful pieces of art work pile up quickly.  They make the perfect birthday card, or front of a homemade note pad.

Spin Art ~ lot of different paint mediums to try spinning!


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2 thoughts on “Spin Art

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  2. I really like your ideas. I would really like a spin art machine. I know I could never make one myself so I was wondering where you purchase the one you have in a picture with a young girl doing watercolors.
    I have 4 grand sons ages 6,8,11,abd 14 and a grandaughter that is 2 and I am always looking for something different to have the kids do. My mother and grandfather are both artist, so my g-kids are very artistic so I know they would love making things with the spin art. What I would like is to buy one where I can do T-Shirts in the summer months and Sweatshirts in the Fall and winter time.
    Can you please tell me where I can get one. If I have to I will start with the smaller one doing papers and frisbees.

    Thanks for sharing

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