Pretend Elevator

Invite a little imaginary play with this simple idea

Now that the ground is covered in snow imaginative play has become a big part of our day.  I love preschoolers imagination and their ability to transform everyday objects into something wonderful.  Today we created a pretend elevator in the back hall mudroom.  Each floor held a new adventure waiting to be discovered.

Pretend Elevator ~ simple imaginative play for kids

Pretend Elevator ~ imaginative play for kids

Kids love imaginative play.  No need to make a big “set-up” just flow your kids lead.  You might be surprised by the adventure they take you one.

Pretend Elevator ~ simple imaginative play for kids

Since the mudroom does not have a door, I used a tension rod and curtain from another room.  The kids thought this was great since it is not a normal room to play in.

Pretend Elevator ~ simple imaginative play for kids

By coloring each number the preschoolers worked on both color and number recognition.  I also love that it was super easy to set up and we used things that we already had.  Fun and free, two of my favorite things!

What is your favorite imaginative play activity?

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