Pixy Stix Learning Tray

Learning with Candy ~ Pixy Stix Games and Magnet Play

My kids are loving participating in the week long candy series.  So far we have Painted with Licorice and mixed up a batch of candy potions!  Next up, learning, playing and experimenting with our Pixy Stix Learning Tray.  The kids tried 4 different ways to play with Pixy Stix and each of them got the thumbs up.   Pixi Stix Learning Tray ~ Candy play

I love this little moment that I captured.  It totally sums up my sweet daughters excitement.  She is my special girl that has me rolling on the floor giggling one moment and the we are wiping tears.  Love her!

Pixi Stix Learning Tray ~ Candy play

Pixy Stix Pick-up Sticks Game

We kicked off our Pixy Stix play/learning with a little old school game of pick-up sticks.  I was surprised at how great they worked.  I was concerned since essentially Pixi Stix are just paper tubes, however they stood up well.  Such a simple idea but oh so fun!

Pixi Stix Learning Tray ~ Candy play

Poured Pixy Stix Art

After they wrapped up the game, asked the kids to pour the sugary powder into the tray.  The kids immediately started making patterns and swirls with the powder.  Who would have thought of creating art as the sugar was being poured…kids:)  I love how kids brains work, and watching them process through things.

Their sugary poured patterns and swirls were beautiful.  However, they wished we had more than 4 colors to work with.  Anyone know if Pixy Stix come in more colors than just Red, Orange, Purple and Blue?  

Pixi Stix Learning Tray ~ Candy play

Pixy Stix and Magnets

Once the kids poured all the sugary powder onto the tray, I showed them how to tap the sugar flat.  When I brought out a tray of varying sizes of metal balls and a different strengths/sizes of magnets the kids new exactly what to do.

Pixi Stix Learning Tray ~ Candy play

They experimented with all the different sizes and strengths of magnets and sizes of metal balls.  It was funny listening to them discuss which combination was the best an why.  I just stepped back and watched the learning unfold.  Kids are great at teaching each other, and it is such a great skill for them to learn.

Pixi Stix Learning Tray ~ Candy play

Their favorite magnet was this oblong shaped one.  It plowed a wide trail of Pixy Stix power where as the smaller balls just left a skinny track.  They played for hours simply creating patterns in the sugary powder.

We also pulled out a number of other objects that created unique patters.  Some of the kids favorites included an offset spatula, a fork, a rubber basting brush and lots of different shaped cookie cutters.  However the magnets were by far the biggest hit.

Pixi Stix Learning Tray ~ Candy play

Drawing in Pixy Stix Powder

The kids fashioned a simple magnetic drawing utensil from metal ball and a piece from their magnetic building set.  It worked beautifully.

Pixi Stix Learning Tray ~ Candy play

 They even fit in a game a hangman.

Pixi Stix Learning Tray ~ Candy play

Our simple Pixi Stix Learning Tray was a hug hit.  Who knew that those sugary little tubes could hold so much learning potential.

Please remember to be careful when playing with magnets and small children.  


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Tomorrow we will each be exploring creative Candy Art.

For more fun inspiration follow my Painting without Brushes board on Pinterest.

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