Monster Cake Pops

Halloween Party Treat ~ Monster Cake Pops

This is my first attempt at making cake pops, and I love how these little monster cake pops turned out.  They are so fun to make, but I have to admit they are time consuming.  Since this was my first attempt at creating them, I followed this great tutorial on how to make cake pops from Decorate this.  It was really easy to follow.

Monster Cake Pops ~ Halloween Party Treat

I love how they turned out!  Nothing cuter than a box full of funny monster faces!  These little monster cake pops will look great as the center piece for your next birthday party or Halloween party!

Monster Cake Pops ~ Halloween Party Treat

I used my Grandmother’s delicious chocolate cake recipe!  Using my mixer, I crumbled the cake into small pieces.  Then I added just enough icing to make the cake into a play dough like consistency.  Roll the dough into balls.  Dip the sucker stick into melted chocolate wafers before inserting it into the cake pop.  This will help secure the cake pop to the sucker stick.  Once the chocolate firms around the stick, dip in the desired color of chocolate.  I found it a bit tricky to make the coating even, but after a few failed attempts I eventually figured it out.

Monster Cake Pops ~ Halloween Party Treat

I choose to let the pops cool completely before adding any of the cute decorations.  I filled a baggie with melted chocolate to use as my pipping bag.  The melted chocolate will act as the glue to stick all the candies onto your cake pop. Some of the candies I used included black licorice (cherry flavored), nerds, sprinkles of various sizes, frooties candies that I rolled flat with the rolling pin (used for the inside of the ears) and white saltwater taffy rolled flat made the teeth.

Monster Cake Pops ~ Halloween Party Treat

Monster Cake Pops ~ Halloween Party Treat

I love this old drawer.  It is a cute simple was to display these little guys.  I used floral foam that was wrapped in Kraft paper to help the cake pops stand.

Monster Cake Pops ~ Halloween Party Treat

Happy Monster making!  For more Halloween ideas, check out our latest Monster Activities.

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  2. Oh. My. Gosh! These little guys are TOO CUTE! Your did a great job with them! Your photography is also stellar. Love the way you chose to display them. I made cake pops one time…I agree with you…very time consuming. I saw your post over at “Krafty Kat” blog party.

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