Mending Snow Pants

Bree got passed down a pair of snow pants from her brother.  I have no idea how Kaleb managed it, but he wore right through the first layer of fabric on the knees.  I’m thankful they are reinforced.  We are so close to being done with winter, I hated the thought of buying a new pair.  Bree was not super excited about worn knees and plain black, but she is too sweet to complain. She wore them for a bit before I took pity on her and made a trip to the fabric store.

Notice the happy smile now.  She wad so excited about the new look.  It was a really simple, cheap fix.  The knee patches are made with PUL waterproof fabric that is normally used for making cloth diapers. It is waterproof which is a definite must for keeping out the snow.

I cut the fabric to the same size as the reinforced factory patch that was already on the snow pants.  This project had to be no sew, so I used permanent fabric glue that is washable.  I smeared a generous amount of permanent fabric glue on the back side of the patch and attached it to the knee.   I was a bit nervous that the edges would come up after playing so I painted a thick bead of the same fabric glue around the entire patch to try and seal it.

The flower was Bree’s adorable addition.  I love the jewel center.  She was so excited that they are now girly and not just plain black.  I’m not sure how well the patch will stand up, but even if it only last the rest of this winter I’m totally happy.  This is definitively a cheap upcycle.

I also heard that you can use sheet duct tape to mend snow pants.  I love that they are making duct tape is so many fun colors now!

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4 thoughts on “Mending Snow Pants

  1. wonderful! Cloe has a pair of grey snowpants with pink appliqued flowers on them, and I was thinking the other day about how I could revise them in a few years for Cole :)

  2. I am needing to patch my daughter’s snow pants. Can you tell me how this held up? What kind of fabric glue did you use? Thanks, Kate

    • I am actually surprised at how well the patches stayed on! She wore them to school most of the winter, played outside and went sledding multiple times. They are still looking great and not peeling off. It really helped to smear it on think, add the applique and then finish it off with a thick bead of glue around the entire edge. I used Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion® Permanent Dry Cleanable Fabric Adhesive and it worked great.

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