Creating Colorful Icicles

Create Colorful Icicles ~ Winter Science Experiment

We had so much fun creating these amazing colorful icicles over the weekend.  It took a bit of effort/patience to get them to form, but the results were totally worth it!  The weather dipped really cold making it perfect for building icicles.

We started by freezing colorful ice blocks the night before, and building a little colorful castle on a cookie sheet.  We used a ladder and a broom handle as our structure, nothing fancy.

Creating Colorful Icicles ~ Housing A Forest

We made a very small hole in the bottom of the pop bottle and threaded string through it.  The bottle was placed on the highest rung of the ladder.  A single string came down from the pop bottle to the broom handle.  It then branched into 5 strings making a tent shape that we stuck to different areas of the ice castle.  You can use a syringe of water to help freeze the string to the ice.  Make sure to wet the sting with water before bringing it outside, this will help guide the water down it.

Creating Colorful Icicles ~ Housing A Forest

We continued to add colored water to the pop bottle about every 10 mins.  Just make sure that the water in the bottle does not freeze.  We also found that if we used to hot of water, it would melt the icicles that had already formed.  You might have to play with the temp to get what works best for you.

Creating Colorful Icicles ~ Housing A Forest

It was fun to change up the colors of the water every so often and see the colorful layers form.  As cold as it was, the kids enjoyed playing outside and peeking in on the icicle progression during trips down the hill.  They thought the process was cool, but a little slow to sit and watch.  However, they loved when a new color was added, because the results were pretty immediate.

Creating Colorful Icicles ~ Housing A Forest I love all the layers and depth of color!  This might be one of my favorite experiments that we have done so far.  We stared building our structure in the morning and a added our last layer of color just before supper.  It took almost a full day to get these results but it was totally worth it.
Creating Colorful Icicles ~ Housing A Forest

A friend made a fun time lapsed video of the process.  You will see the most dramatic results at the end of the video, so make sure you stick it out.  I love when the yellow and green layers are added!

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48 thoughts on “Creating Colorful Icicles

    • I hope you get a little cold snap to try this out. It is totally worth the time it take to form them. You could sacrifice a little freezer room and see if that works:) Although it would have to be on a smaller scale.

  1. WOW!! I love, love , love it. Very creative and fun at the same time. We are having temps in the teens tonight so we just made fruit rainbow ice blocks. My 4 y/o was so excited putting it together. Pinned this.

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  5. This is so cool! We live in Alaska and there are times when it’s too cold for the kids to be out for long periods of time. This will be great fun for them in the dead of winter. I’m so excited to try it this winter.

  6. What is the purpose of the colored ice “castle” part on the bottom? Did the color from there travel UP the strings? Or did the color on the icicles just come from the soda bottle?

  7. this is so amazing! I love this! I’ve never thought of anything like this! Wouldn’t it be cool to pair the rope with an LED light rope? Would it be safe? those are waterproof, right? Then the kiddos could see the light transform the icicles.

  8. I would also like to know if the ice castle was for fun. I know you used it to hold the string by freezing them together. Is there another purpose?

  9. I love this! I don’t live where it’s cold enough to do this kind of thing in the winter (except for a rare super-cold snap now and then), but we get lots of questions on the Hip Homeschool Moms site about cold weather activities for bored kiddos. I’ll be happy to share your article! Also, we’d love for you to link up with us on Tuesdays for our Hip Homeschool Hop!

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